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ALEVRIDIS/POULIARI dental clinic was founded in 2004 in Nea Raidestos, Thessaloniki, Greece. Our long experience and devotion to high quality dentistry, allow us to offer the whole spectrum of modern dentistry to our patients in a comfortable environment. Especially important for us is the complete absence of pain during the dental treatment and also the matter of cleanliness with strict disinfection rules.

About us

Nikolaos Alevridis

Nikolaos Alevridis was born in Thessaloniki in 1976 and graduated from the 2nd high school of Toumba. He was later admitted in the Dental School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and graduated in the year 2002. During his academic years he was one of the founders and the first president of the Scientific Society of Dental Students of Greece and participated in scientific projects in regional hospitals.

He worked in the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery clinic of 424 Military Hospital and also received training in a private clinic on the subject of oral surgery.

He has presented a large number of scientific studies in several dental congresses with subjects related to oral surgery, implant dentistry, oral traumatology and prosthodontics.

In 2014 he received training in the clinic of professor Tealdo in Italy on the subjects of advanced implant surgery procedures, advanced oral surgery and immediate loading of implants.

In 2017 he received training in advanced oral surgery procedures in Medizin im grunen medical center in Germany.

In 2017 he followed a course of University College London in Esthetic Dentistry.

Since 2004 he is working in his private clinic in Nea Raidestos, Thessaloniki.

Dimitra Pouliari

Dimitra Pouliari was born in the city of Karditsa in 1977 and graduated from the high School of Sofades. She was admitted in the Dental School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and graduated in the year 2004. She was one of the founders of the Scientific Society of Dental Students of Greece.

She has presented scientific studies in dental congresses with subjects related to dental prolepsis and dental surgery. She has also received training on the subjects of pediatric dentistry and dental prolepsis.

Since 2006 she works in Nea Raidestos, Thessaloniki, exclusively on the field of pediatric dentistry.

Our Dental Clinic

Devotion to Quality

  • In order to provide dental treatment of the highest standards, we believe in the best training of our personnel and in the choice of top quality material and equipment.
  • In our clinic we invest in the most modern and high quality equipment that makes dental treatment easy and painless.
  • We choose dental material exclusively amongst the biggest dental companies from Europe and the United States with the condition of high quality.

    Dental Services

    Our clinic provides the entire range of modern dentistry using the most modern equipment and scientifically documented techniques.
    In detail our patients receive treatments on these fields :

    • Tooth restorations
      • Fillings made of white material (composite or ceramic)
      • Tooth reconstruction
    • Periodontology
      • Dental cleaning
      • Conservative periodontic treatment
      • Surgical periodontic treatment
    • Prosthetics
      • Crowns and bridges made of metall-ceramic or zirconia-ceramic material
      • Partial or full dentures
      • Crowns, bridges or dentures seating on implants
      • Mouth guards for bruxism and athletes
    • Endodontics
      • Root canal treatment for all teeth categories
      • Endodontic surgery
    • Pediatric Dentistry
      • Sealants
      • Fillings for primary teeth
      • Root canal treatment for primary teeth
      • Primary teeth extraction
      • Fluoride rinse
      • Dental care education
    • Dental Esthetics
      • Bleaching
      • Lumineers
    • Implantology
      • Single or multiple implant placement
      • Full arch restoration for one or both jaws with implants
      • Immediate full arch restoration for one or both jaws (implant placement and prostheses finished in two days)
      • Implant placement with sinus lifting
      • Bone grafting to create the right conditions for successful implant placement
    • Oral surgery
      • Simple and surgical teeth and roots extractions in all cases (simple, semi-impacted, impacted)
      • Removal of small and big cysts
      • Removal of oral benign tumors
      • Gum plastic surgery
      • Tooth disclosure for orthodontic treatment
      • Tooth lengthening
      • Frenectomy
      • Pre-prosthetic surgery

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    Dimitra Pouliari

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